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Speciality Coffee Delivered to Your Door

Creating a better life for farms, staff and our customers through coffee.

Our definition of sustainable coffee starts at the farm and ends with drinking steeped specialty coffee. We believe that for coffee to be sustainable, all of the practices along the supply chain should be taken into account. That is why we strive for measurable environmental, social, and fiscal sustainability in everything we do.

Our Supply Chain

We're in a unique position in the coffee supply chain that allows us to be an agent of change. We work to establish strong communication and information-sharing practices among all of our supply chain partners so we can work toward shared objectives.


We work with many types of producers, from single-family farms to large co-ops, to tackle issues like climate change and education.


Working to get coffee from origin countries to the U.S., these partners are critical to implementing projects on the ground and maintaining quality.


Operations, specialty coffee roasting, and manufacturing all take place in California, USA. At our production facilities we focus our sustainability efforts on reducing our carbon footprint, using fewer resources, and reducing waste.

Our Guilt-Free Packaging

We take every possible step to ensure that your sacred coffee rituals go unnoticed by the next generation. Each coffee bag is made of a non-GMO food grade biodegradable material that you can drop in your garden or toss in your green bin. All the boxes are made of recycled material that is fully recyclable. And each element of our packaging is utilizing every know innovation that we know about, while also preserving our coffee's quality and freshness.


Whether partner, wholesale, retail, or grocery, we rely on our customer partners to communicate our sustainability messages, connecting the drinking experience to the story behind the coffee.


We want everyone to enjoy our coffee, knowing that it was produced sustainably and that their consumption choices are important.

Giving or Sustainability Programs

At Atmosphere Coffee, we have been blessed and privileged to live in a city like Dubai. We realise that there are many out in the world that do not have the simple basics of life provided to them. So we partnered with MiiR where every MiiR product sold through Atmosphere Coffee helps fund traceable giving projects around the world. Every MiiR product purchased carries a traceable give code at the bottom which once is registered on can easily be traced. Shop Here- Click through to Gear- MiiR tumblers.