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Speciality Coffee Delivered To Your Door


Who we are?

Atmosphere Coffee is a brand of Meraki Global Solutions that specializes in finely-roasted, specialty coffee in Dubai, UAE. Atmosphere Coffee is a brand new concept of having the convenience of brewing specialty coffee anywhere and at anytime without the inconvenience of driving to a coffee shop or even investing in expensive gear to enjoy a Simple Cup of Goodness.

Atmosphere Coffee is a Private Label produced in partnership with Steeped Coffee in Santa Cruz, California, USA who have produced an SCA Best award winning product which is now being presented to the specialty Coffee lovers in the UAE as Atmosphere Coffee.
What sets us apart is our dedication to providing our customers with high quality specialty coffee which can be conveniently brewed using only a cup and hot water leaving no environmental footprint in producing specialty coffee.
We have a high regard towards the farmers we deal with, as they help us produce high-grade beans. Our Atmosphere Coffee bags are packed in 100% compostable packing, with no plastics, chemicals and oil-based paints or staple pins.