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  • Symphony 10 Pack Box

Symphony 10 Pack Box


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The best thing about the Atmosphere Steeped brewing method is the ability to experiment and play with the brewing times to meet your exact tastes and preferences.

Here’s how you can start:
1. Get a 10 oz cup and put the filter bag inside. With the filter bag inside the mug, you can only pour about 8 oz of hot water.
2.Slowly pour hot water over the filter bag, acting much like a pour over.
3.Move the bag sideways and dunk it up and down until you see light brown crema form. Dunking the filter bag into the hot water lets the coffee bloom, just like the French press and Espresso shot setting.
4.Keep the bag inside the cup and allow it to steep for five minutes or more. The steeped coffee method is unlike tea that goes bitter the longer you leave it in the cup, instead our Atmosphere Coffee profile will continue to develop, giving you a distinct, tasty flavor that keeps getting better the longer you let it brew.

Enjoy Atmosphere Specialty Coffee at your Convenience

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Type: Medium Roast

Flavor Notes: Symphony - Medium Roast prides itself on its light, fruity notes with toasted coconut and the subtle, sweet taste of cocoa. Taking on a milder flavor profile compared to others, the Symphony - Medium Roast has a toastier approach than the rest. With its sweet and balanced notes, each sip embodies what it means to have a delicious and refreshing cup of coffee every waking moment. Truly a work of art, this Symphony - Medium Roast caters to a wider range of palates with its fresh, citrusy, nutty taste that certainly comes with a lot of character. Best enjoyed black, this Single Origin Specialty Coffee is roasted to a bright, medium-bodied perfection that captures the sunny and vibrant disposition of Dubai in every sip.
Dubbed as a crowd favorite, this special blend houses everything we enjoy about coffee – richness, sweetness, full-bodied flavor and more. With the California blend’s versatility, it can easily be enjoyed without milk.

Origin: Cauca, Colombia

Elevation: 1,700-2,000 Meters

Process: Wet-Process